The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation

Through sustained partnerships with colleges and congregations, the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and communities by helping meet the basic needs of nutrition and educational opportunity. GivePulse is excited to partner and provide technology resource, support and consultation to its membership network

Bonner Foundation's Common Commitments

The commitments express the values they explore and share as an organization, national network, and community of practice. GivePulse is honored to be a national partner to help amplify their common commitments by providing technology resources, consultation and knowledge share to their membership network.

  • Civic Engagement:
    exploring and participating intentionally in multiple forms and dimensions of engagement including service, political engagement, social action, and public policy;
  • Community Building:
    creating and sustaining a vibrant community of place, personal relationships, and shared interests
  • Diversity:
    respecting the many different dimensions of personal and group identities (such as class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, physical and mental ability) and creating opportunities to dialogue and learn across them
  • International Perspective:
    developing international and global understanding that enable individuals to participate successfully in an increasingly interconnected world, appreciate and transcend national boundaries
  • Social Justice:
    understand and advocate for fairness, impartiality, and equity in addressing systemic social and environmental issues
  • Spiritual Exploration:
    reflect on and explore personal beliefs while respecting the spiritual and ethical practices and values of others
  • Wellness:
    nurturing the development, resilience, thriving and sustenance of the whole person and of communities

Resources & Community Federal Work Study

Bonner provides a plethora of resources to support community federal work study programs throughout the nation. As a national partner along with Bonner, we helps institutions doing this work to easily manage applications and the partner MOU review and approval process

  • Resources
    The Bonner Foundation offers training, research and connections for their network of colleges and universities to support further investment in service-learning and community engaged learning. We are happy to provide additional resources and webinars to further the knowledge sharing to cultivate an ecosystem of faculty and staff members to leverage technology for this work.
  • Application & Form Approvals
    To assist organizations, universities and colleges in managing the approval and verification process between the institution, student and the partner, we continue to innovate and work with Bonner schools to improve the workflow. To learn more, you can review the following on application and approval management and timesheet and schedule tracking

Additional Technology supporting this work

As a national partner and in partnership with many Bonner schools, GivePulse works to enhance the experience of tracking community engagement activity beyond hours tracking and it's integration work with its BWBRS system.

  • Timesheet & Scheduling
    Many institutions need to have their work-study students schedule themselves in a calendar so they know when they will work with the partners. In addition to knowing the schedule, we have a mobile and desktop experience to help facilitate tracking of student attendance so they can be remitted the right hourly salary based on their verified work hours. To read more, you can go here
  • Assessment
    Further from tracking schedules and hours, our platform has built in assessment technology to help review quantitatively and qualitatively if the students are learning from these experiences. To read more on our assessment capabilities, you can go To read more, you can go here
  • Civic Engagement
    In addition to the basic capabilities to manage the application process, tracking schedules and assessment of student learning and community impact, GivePulse is a platform to facilitate further learning after graduation. To read more on, you can go here To read more, you can go here