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Corporate Social Responsibility Platform

All-in-one solution to help organize your corporate social responsibility initiatives to include employee volunteer engagement, donation matching, and grant management

In our first year we have activated 7,052 employees, of which, 55 achieved 8+ hours of giving, and 50 who have achieved 20+ hours of giving, for a total of 4,001 total hours given to the community by J.B. Hunt. We are happy with our success so far and would not have gained momentum on our community engagement and giving efforts without an all-in-one system to help us cultivate and built community relationships.

Amy Bain, JB Hunt Inc.

Volunteer Management

Leverage our volunteer and event management platform to coordinate all of your company-wide and regional giving initiatives

  • 70K+ Community Partners
    We work with over 70K+ community partner agencies who actively leverage our system so they can communicate with you for potential partnerships
  • Browsing, Searching & Filtering
    Use our map, calendar or list view to see all community partners and agencies available throughout the nation. Sort, filter or even search by keywords, skills and causes it relates to
  • Events & Volunteer Management
    Expose capabilities for your company clubs and diversity groups to manage all their events and opportunities, track registration and rsvps, communicate with users and add new employees and administrators

Volunteer Time Off

Set up a Volunteer Time-Off policy and use our platform to streamline management approval when an employee requests time-off

  • Scheduling
    Using Timeslots, our interactive calendar allows employees to select a certain timeframe, prompting follow up questions to then notify the reporting manager for approval
  • Time-Off Policy
    Define the volunteer-time-off with the Timeslots Calendar and customize the workflow and text revolving around the policy
  • Approval Process
    Based on the manager chart or hierarchy of who the employee reports to, managers will automatically be informed whenever an employee requests VTO. Details of the selected time and agency will be displayed for the manager to approve or deny

Donation & Fundraising Management

Set up company matching, ACH or automatic payroll processing so donations can be done by the individual employee or set up with your existing payroll or HR system

  • Individual & Group Donations
    Empower your team to set up individual or group donation campaigns to support community organizations or causes. Employees can contribute via direct withdrawal or credit card with the lowest processing fees in the industry
  • Crowdfunding
    Set up a regional or company-wide crowdfunding campaign goal to challenge employees, groups and departments to commit to a fundraising goal, and expose the leaderboard to track the progress and gamify it
  • Payroll Processing and Company Matching
    Let us integrate with your payroll processing system so that we can allow employees to deduct from their payroll to donate to United Way or similar campaigns, or an approved 501c(3) non-profit organization. In the instance the business has an initiative to do a company match we can customize to automatically apply it to the total amount

Grant Management

Leverage our survey and grant management system to define grants for specific initiatives, track and report on them

  • Grants
    Set up a unique grant with custom fields and expose the link for grantees to submit and apply for the grant
  • Workflow
    Whenever a partner applies for the grant, share the application with other stakeholders to review, process and score
  • Tracking & Reporting
    Have one place to keep track of the grants applications, review process and the total amount funded


Work with our experienced client success advocates to help guide you in implementing your Corporate Social Responsibility initiative

  • Vetting Process
    Using a number of different partner services (e.g., Guidestar and the IRS) we are able to confirm and verify the identity of certain organizations
  • Additional Verification
    To receive donations in our platform, we also partner with various banking and payment platforms that help add an extra layer of verification
  • Affiliation
    Our platform gives you the ability to vet non-profits, schools, universities, city entities, foundations and other partners. Once vetted these partners become an official affiliate, exposing their opportunities and campaigns to your employees