Missouri Flat Creek Stream Clean-up

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm (PT)


Come join us as and learn about the history of the Missouri Flat Creek in downtown Pullman as we maintain its active restoration! We will be meeting in the parking lot of the laundromat next to Cougar Country at 10 am and will walk the portion of the creek that flows behind Cougar Country and to Stadium Way, picking up any trash we see. Additionally, we will be assessing the active restoration's success, and setting up for our springtime measurements.

Who we are: The mission of the Phoenix Conservancy is to restore endangered ecosystems globally for the communities that depend on them and the conservation of biodiversity. The focus on local communities is one of the most important components of what we do and informs our restoration decisions and project focus. We believe that solving community problems with conservation solutions will ensure the long-term sustainability of our programs. Additionally, we feel that through collaboration with other NGO's, government agencies, research institutions, and local stakeholders we can leverage the strengths of each to grow funding opportunities and program capacity

Event Description:

We will be walking the length of the active restoration stretch (2000m) to pick up trash/ litter, joined by a WSU graduate student working with the restoration to give a brief synopsis of the history of its restoration. Once we have completed our litter clean up, we will be assessing the native and non-native vegetation present, preparing native vegetation for the winter, as well as preparing our future longterm plots.

This event is outside, so please dress accordingly to the weather that day (ex. rain jacket, sweater, hat or sunscreen). Please wear suitable shoes for walking on uneven ground, rain boots are available if interested however we will not be walking in the creek. Gardening gloves will be provided. Bring your own water.

If you have any questions, please email Ben at bstone@phoenixconservancy.org.

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