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Here is an example:

The Atc
hison Boys and Girls Club is continuing its programming remotely using a YouTube Channel. Benedictine students can help by creating videos for the Club's SMART Moves program. SMART Moves is designed to teach children how to abstain from, avoid and resist engaging in risky behaviors.  The program addresses age-appropriate issues and provides information and skills youth need in order to adopt the attitudes and behaviors necessary to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. 

The Club staff will provide a lesson plan. You can follow it exactly, or you can adapt it a bit, especially if you have an idea for a way to engage the kids through the video. 

-- Pick out a topic that you would like to teach the kids. Register for that topic. You will then be sent a lesson plan via email. (Don't worry about the date listed on the sign up page - just record and submit the video by Wednesday, 4/22, if possible.)
-- Read over the lesson plan. Think about how you want to communicate the information to the kids. Try to think of an activity they can do related to the topic. 
-- Decide whether you will use a PowerPoint with voice over, or if you will have a video of yourself for the presentation.
-- If you'll have a video of yourself, set up your recording station. Make sure your background is one that sets a good example for the kids.
-- Record yourself teaching the lesson. Use an animated voice and facial expressions that will engage the kids
-- Submit the recording to the Boys and Girls Club via Dropbox by Wednesday, April 22, if possible. When you register, a section called "Conferencing Link" will appear below with the link to upload to Dropbox.

- All content must be age-appropriate. Most of the kids are 5 to 10 years old.

- Set a good example in what you say, what you wear, and what is visible in the background of your video.
- If possible, wear a Benedictine shirt or other Raven gear. This will help the kids realize that this video was made specifically for their Boys and Girls Club in Atchison. 
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