Maximizing Tech to Save Money

Monday, July 13th, 2020 from 9:00am to 9:00pm (CT)


Our July 13 program will again be held online courtesy of Zoom/NetSquared.

  • Social Media: Carolyn has posted the event on her personal Twitter feed and on the group's Facebook page. But we need everyone's help sharing the event link (from the page), their their own social media platforms over the entire month of June. Hashtags: #NTEN #NetSquared #tech4good #HEBHelpingHere #CapitalFactory #TrianonCoffee (and any handles you choose to include).
  • Eblasting: Carolyn will set up emails once a week (and two the day of the event with the secure Zoom link), to club members from our NTEN website. That should be complete by Saturday afternoon, June 6.
  • Zoom: Carolyn and Eli Van Der Geissen of NetSquared will work together again to get the presentation set up on Zoom, and to post the slide deck and program recording on the NetSquared YouTube and SlideShare pages.
  • Other July Project: Carolyn will participate in a Cisco Webex training webinar on July 24 with Alex Wiesenthal of Capital Factory, as for the August program, we will go back to being hosted by Capital Factory, but online (just fyi). If anyone else wants to participate, let Carolyn know.
  • Speaker Gift: Carolyn will contact Stacy Dyer once she receives a regular USPS mailing address for Sean, our guest speaker, so that Stacy can mail him a gourmet coffee gift in thanks for speaking.
  • Program Introduction: Sean is a speaker suggested by Susannah Erler, and we hope Susannah will introduce Sean at the outset of the presentation on July 13. If Susannah would also like to use the introductory slides (a PP of 4 slides only), those are found in our shared Google Drive and they thank you sponsors and explain who we are.
Thank you for helping! If you do work as a volunteer and you'd like credit for the hours you worked, please use GivePulse to chart those.
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