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#NPTechClubATX is an all-volunteer organization co-sponsored by NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network and NetSquared (a division of TechSoup). Home is online, on the NTEN platform. We also maintain a Facebook group.

We host free educational programs during the year. Our goal is to help nonprofits identify tech solutions and techniques that enable them to operate more efficiently and effectively. Join us! We find small business professionals also enjoy attending our programs, and we welcome them. 

We would love to have more help with the following:

  • Sharing speaker and topic ideas with the team (you can obtain the Google Drive link to our shared folder with club information from Carolyn).
  • Interfacing with guest speakers in advance, mostly online and/or by phone as questions arise (especially important if you were the volunteer suggesting them as a speaker).
  • Posting new events on the NTEN/Bevy Labs platform (requires a headshot, background/landscape image, short speaker bio and program description) - Carolyn is currently in charge of this (but if you'd like to learn how to use the platform, let her know).
  • Sending out e-blasts from the NTEN/Bevy Labs platform (once a week one month prior to the event, and early morning the day of - these can be scheduled in advance) 
  • When we meet in person, we could use help ordering refreshments and having them delivered and/or bringing them yourself (NTEN will reimburse - we do have a budget - volunteer Dale Thompson is currently in charge).
  • Sharing information on your own social media platforms, and encouraging others to share online (registered hashtag: #NPTechClubATX).
  • If you would like to host one of our program (i.e., attend, introduce the club and the guest speaker, monitor questions throughout, etc.), your leadership would be welcome.
  • At the end of the year, help is welcome developing a Survey Monkey survey or something similar, to determine preferred program topics for the next year.
  • Making sure the guest speaker is all set to speak, and that you will meet them a half hour earlier at the venue to set up (6:00 p.m. or so), if we meet in person. Online: we meet 15 minutes early on Zoom to chat and set up.
  • Event set up, clean up for in-person programs.
  • Host introductions and thanks (write "welcome" and basic club information on the whiteboard for in-person events, orient the podium, make sure the tables and chairs are set up in a nice way, then help touch up table top surfaces afterward should there be food left behind and the like).
  • Working with Capital Factory tech support to queue live video broadcasts (start and stop), and to share links to live broadcasts on social media (when we meet at Capital Factory). If we are online, generally we coordinate with NetSquared.
  • Helping us thank guest speakers and hosts by contacting Stacy Dyer at Trianon Coffee at least one day in advance, and going to pick up gourmet coffee gift bags, and presenting those gifts to our guest speakers during programs. Or, if the program is online, reach out to Stacy to mail the speaker gift. 

These jobs are all fairly easy but essential to keeping our club functioning properly. The organizing volunteer team members meet in person occasionally, often before or after programs. We communicate mostly via email. We do ask all volunteers to register on the NTEN platform, so they can receive emails and updates.

If you have questions, please send a message. Thank you!

#NPTechClubATX is inclusive. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We are always growing our network of people, programs and tools to help everyone grow and manage their careers. Ideas are welcome anytime!
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