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AMA PDX is known for connecting marketing professionals all over the Portland metro area. Our members love to meet each other and learn about the latest marketing trends, yet sometimes the most rewarding connections are with people outside of the marketing industry. In 2007, we started a Community Outreach program to pair groups of volunteers with local nonprofits to execute pro bono marketing project work. In 2018 we rebranded this program AMA PDX Agency to better represent the professional services provided by this program. The Portland AMA chapter is the only chapter in the nation that has a program like this. We pair groups of AMA PDX volunteers with local nonprofits to execute a 6-month long marketing project for them. AMA PDX Agency gives volunteers the opportunity to grow their skill set and give back to the community. In return, Portland’s nonprofit community has a chance to leverage local marketing talent, develop richer volunteer and donor bases, and evolve their marketing strategies.

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