City Center NOVA



After learning about the Main Street Rockville from founders Jillian and Scott Copeland, a steering committee was formed to explore the viability of creating an inclusive, affordable community in Northern Virginia. Based on the statistics and the team's own experiences, there definitely seemed to be a need for such a project and thus City Center NOVA was born.

The goal of the City Center NOVA mission is to work closely with the VA DBHDS (Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services), the VA HSS (Virginia Housing and Supportive Services) as well as local CSB (Community Service Boards) to help identify those City Center NOVA members most in need and ready to move to independent living. Once these individuals have been appropriately identified, we will help place them in thriving, integrated communities, in affordable housing, and support them through City Center NOVA membership and programming located within each housing complex.
5 People | 12 Impacts | 39 Hours | 979 Total Economic Impact

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