Student Leaders for Service 2022-23 Host Sites


This group holds a collection of all the community partner site placements and position descriptions for our 2022-2023 Student Leaders for Service.

Passionate about leadership, community engagement, and social justice? Join a cohort of service leaders on campus and spend 4-6 hours each week serving with a local community organization in Portland that aligns with your interest, study, and/or passion!

Connect your community partner back to PSU and help facilitate Days of Service, inspire new volunteers, and promote a culture of community engagement at PSU.
Student Leaders for Service develop their leadership skills and identities through weekly Friday service leadership classes each term.

Below, you can find all of the potential SLS community partner placements for the 2022-23 school year. Positions range from in-person, to hybrid, to remote and span the spectrum of interests, majors, and skills.

This year’s SLS community partners include
 the following organizations: 

  • Brown Hope
  • HOLLA School
  • Rose Haven 
  • The Shadow Project
  • Transfer Student Resource Center
  • Alder Elementary / Greater Than
  • IRCO's Refugee and Immigrant Student Empowerment (RISE) program
  • Cascadia Behavioral Health (David's Harp Program)
  • The PSU Landing at FUMC
  • PSU Food Pantry
  • MAPS program at Alder Elementary with the Student Community Engagement Center
  • Alternative Spring Break program with the Student Community Engagement Center

Note: You will not be able to apply directly to most of the positions listed below. Instead, look through the positions to determine which 1-3 roles/community partners are most up your ally, and apply to become a 2022-23 Student Leader for Service using the following application:

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