Brown Hope



Our Mission

At Brown Hope we serve and mobilize communities in order to heal our collective soil from the poisons of our past and present, so our future roots can thrive.

Our Vision

Our wild dream is that the seeds we plant will flourish into the fruits of justice, healing and love—for every person, every community and the entire world.

Our 12 Principles of Hope

At the foundation of Brown Hope are the 12 Principles of Hope. Together, these principles inspire ours hearts, minds, and voices to embrace abundance, promote solidarity, and nurture a world of healing and justice.

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change uses a healing justice framework to address the cycles of harm perpetuated by historic and ongoing racial trauma, and outlines our dream for collective healing. Our four core strategies are: 

  1. Nourishing Abundance
  2. Building Multiracial Momentum
  3. Inspiring Healing Justice
  4. Planting Seeds of Justice
408 People | 1,138 Impact | 2,855 Hours

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