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Guardians are appointed by the Court to make decisions on behalf of people who are unable to make those decisions for themselves. Most Guardians are caring and responsible individuals. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many, even those with good intentions, fall short due to lack of knowledge, lack of resources or burnout.

The Oregon Department of Human Services documents more than 2,900 yearly confirmed cases of abuse against elders and adults with disabilities each year. In 76% of cases, the abuse occurred in the Protected Person’s home. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that for every one case of elder abuse, about five more go unreported. Oregon Court systems do not have the resources to ensure the daily safety of those under their care.  Guardian Partners was started with the goal of providing the Court with trained volunteer case monitors who could ensure that protected persons are being treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Our services have grown to include providing much needed training and resources to non-professional guardians.

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