Portland State University

Emma Butterfield
David Hoang
Manasa Jajam
Manasa Jajam

Held a cohort meeting with Ari to discuss progression and further steps about the Agenda of the upcoming event. Activities were the main thing needed to be discussed, Ari came up with an awesome idea of including a scavenger hunt after the presentation is done. It will be prompting participants to look for resources to see if they could find any from their side. People who do an effective job in that will be entered for SCEC merch as a reward. Further adjustments have been made to the Agenda and there is more work needed to be done as well regarding the scavenger hunt activity. After an hour of this meeting, Me and Rahaf stayed back for another half hour to discuss the to do list from here on. Will consider the idea of asking fellow SLS classmates to hop on the event to assist with breakout rooms, so that they could use this opportunity to put in hours on givepulse (?). Touched up on how to create a poll on zoom and how to come up with the questions as well.

Gave 1.50 hours on 02/25/2021 with Portland State University
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Andrea Good
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