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Discovering the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Maria Quintanilla-Campos
Melia Hadidian Tichenor
Melissa Lamproe
Mohamed Fakhry
SarahRose Ende
Angela Naseri
Brittany Duong
Madeline Harmon
Miranda Donker
Yves Wienecke

This event was amazing! I appreciated the focus on critically analyzing historical figures - taking down the kind of celebrity culture that is so prevalent in today's society. There is great importance in understanding that there is good and bad in everyone, and that regardless of this 'imperfection,' people can have huge, positive impacts in their community. This was such an improvement from last year and I felt like I actually learned something from the event.

Gave 0.83 hour on 01/26/2019 with Portland State University
Annissa Rhynders
Natalie Vasquez
Raghad Adi
Angel Ortiz-Espin
Edlyn Lopez
Angela Kelly
Hoang Nguyen
Anis Zaman
Brenda Castillo Santana