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Shift NameHealth and Safety Enforcer
Health and Safety Enforcer (HSE)

Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator & Executive Administrator

Location: NMNM, Inc. Office (E. 12th St., Austin, TX 78702)

No More, No Más (NMNM) Mission: Rebuild the lives and relationships torn apart by domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse.

Job Role: The Health and Safety Enforcer (HSE) supervises activity in common areas and ensures all health and safety guidelines are followed.

Responsibilities and Tasks:
• Review CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines
• Place guidelines and signs where necessary
• Disinfect common office areas
• Monitor front entrance sign-in
• Ensure all volunteers, staff, and clients have cloth masks
• Manage the cleaning, disinfecting, and re-supply of restrooms (x2) • Provide instruction to in-coming clients on proper etiquette for wearing and removing cloth mask.

Additional duties may include:
o Monitor 2-1-1 phone intake
o Scan, copy, and print documents
*Cloth masks, sterile gloves, and other health & safety precautions are part of our new office operations.

Time Required: 4 hrs./wk Duration: 6 weeks Minimum

Qualifications and Abilities:
• Ability to speak clearly and informatively
• Ability to read and write in English; (Bilingual English-Spanish preferred)
• Ability to walk, sit, and crouch
• Ability to reach, carry up to 5 lbs., and wipe surfaces
• Confident phone communication (speaking & listening)
• Use standard office equipment (printer, copier, etc.)
• Work independently and with a team
• Must pass a background check Program Requirements and

Training: 4 total training hours
• 1.5 hours – orientation & initial training session
• 1 hour – review of cleaning/disinfecting guidelines & supplies
• 1.5 hours – HSE activity under observation by supervisor

HSEs will gain experience reviewing and implementing office maintenance procedures, working with others, and creating new tasks.
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3811 E 12th St.
Austin, TX 78721

Location: 3811 E 12th St., Austin, TX 78721


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