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NTEN & Nonprofit Tech Club Austin #NPTechClubATX
Co-organizer (Primary) Since January 2015

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    Nonprofit Tech Club Austin

    During this time, I worked on our annual Adobe Spark video, touched-up our Adobe Spark event listings and posts, cleaned out the back-end of our Facebook group, worked with fellow volunteers to explore more speakers and the like.

    Gave 15.00 hours between 04/06/2021 and 05/06/2021
    Nonprofit Tech Club Austin

    Time was spent creating promotional posts and sharing them on social media; creating a new PowerPoint slide intro for our programs; working with Eli at TechSoup to transition the club over to TechSoup Connect (as NetSquared is going away); managing the Facebook group page; thanking speakers and volunteers (including using RecognizeGood's platform); coordinating with Capital Factory (including letting them know when a speaker needs a swag bag, which they are mailing); attending programs and introducing speakers; following up after programs with program recording links and more; scheduling more programs to fully complete the 2021 schedule.

    Gave 25.00 hours between 01/04/2021 and 04/05/2021

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    Chive Charities: Changing the Giving Paradigm

    During this time I followed-up on the prior tech club program online, e-blasted information weekly about the Chive Charities program in December, communicated with our guest speaker to set-up, updated the listing, hosted the program with NetSquared liaison Elijah Van Der Giessen, updated club volunteers about our activities and transitions via email, I began conducting meetings with our NTEN liaison about transitioning from Bevy to Salesforce as our club website/platform, spent time house cleaning our Facebook group page, updated our annual Adobe Spark video, posted on social and more.

    Gave 24.00 hours between 11/03/2020 and 12/11/2020
    Kami Griffiths on Community Tech Network and Its Work in Austin

    My work during this time included updating the website, writing and distributing email updates, updating GivePulse, Facebook and posting information about upcoming programs on social media. I also updated our annual Adobe Spark promotional video, and reached out to Capital Factory and H-E-B with ideas, and to confirm various aspects of our sponsorships this year. I shared information with our guest speakers to help prepare them to speak, and worked with Eli Van Der Giessen to set up Zoom programs. Donor and volunteer recognition were an important focus during this time frame.

    Gave 10.00 hours between 09/12/2020 and 11/02/2020
    5G: What Is It and Why Is It a Game Changer?

    During this time frame, I continued to prepare and distribute weekly emails via our Bevy Labs/NTEN website and RSVP platform to all registered tech club members; to send email updates to club volunteers (via my personal business email); to coordinate with guest speakers and with NetSquared (which provides Zoom program recording services); to coordinate with Trianon Coffee on guest speaker gifts; and to enlist help for hosting Zoom programs and in some cases, serving as program host myself. Work began to increase during this time as more potential programs for 2021 are being proposed and scheduled, and I set those each up online and manage the listings. I also posted on our Facebook group page and on my own social media platforms, occasionally conducting house cleaning to remove outdated information, and approving new posts by others as they seem appropriate.

    Gave 24.00 hours between 07/01/2020 and 09/11/2020
    Maximizing Tech to Save Money

    Time was spent updating the Bevy Labs platform and Facebook group page, on-boarding new volunteers, writing and scheduling/sending emails to club members, and delegating online hosting duties for the July program to another volunteer in my temporary absence. Follow up also involved working with NetSquared to get the program recording and slide deck posted to our club website and information distributed to constituents.

    Gave 12.00 hours between 06/01/2020 and 06/30/2020
    Prospecting: Reviewing Your Own Databases for Hidden Gems

    During this time, I managed social media and eblasting for the club throughout May and early June. I responded to inquiries and followed up online. For the June 1 talk, I helped introduce and host it, and worked with Eli at TechSoup to ensure smooth sailing including follow up posting of the event recording and slide decks, getting the gourmet coffee gift ordered and mailed to our June guest speaker and more.

    Gave 12.00 hours between 05/10/2020 and 06/01/2020
    Prospecting: Reviewing Your Own Databases for Hidden Gems

    I drafted and scheduled weekly e-blasts; posted on social; cleaned up the Facebook group page; prepared my talk (the May 4 program featured me); followed up to share the PowerPoint online; set up a new program for July on the platform; and updated the Adobe Spark club video overview for 2020. It was a busier than normal month!

    Gave 24.00 hours between 04/07/2020 and 05/08/2020
    Leveraging LinkedIn

    This event required the club to pivot to an online Zoom webinar broadcast. Thanks to Eli Van Der Geissen, our global NetSquared tech club leader, we got a free Zoom link and the program was recorded and shared online. My work involved working with Eli to schedule the call, to learn Zoom, to host the meeting alongside Eli, to develop a new introductory slide deck about the club that also thanked our sponsors, and following-up with posting on the NTEN website and the Facebook group page with follow-up links. Eblasts were written and mailed to club members via the NTEN website. As no travel was required this time, all work was done online with the help of fellow volunteers.

    Gave 8.00 hours on 04/06/2020